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"Moonlight Theatre Company always try to visit us on a day and at a time convenient to us. Everyone present enjoyed the shows and the hard work you put into them is appreciated. I particularly watched the enjoyment of a 96 year old resident - that was a distinct bonus!" (Committee Member, a local Abbeyfield Home, Hertfordshire)

"I can't fault Moonlight - the performance was great and we are already making plans to re-book for April. All the songs performed were brilliant, the residents were very impressed."(Activities Organiser, Alexandra Home, Hemel Hempstead)

"Excellent value and a very entertaining show." (Life Opportunities Trust Home, Hitchin)

"I think both performers were very talented. The Christmas show was undoubtedly the best I've seen." (Mrs J Harding, Treebridge House, Garston, Hertfordshire)

"Very professional - well done!" (Elmstead House, Hendon)

"Moonlight Theatre Company need no improvement! The audience all enjoyed the show. Many thanks." (Mrs Y Smith, Three Ways Social Centre, Borehamwood)

We surveyed 100 homes over the course of a year and received these results:

How would you rate the performance quality of Moonlight Theatre Company shows?

Excellent 70%  Very Good 30% Average 0% Poor 0%

Did you find the costumes:

Excellent 35%  Very Good 60% Average 5% Poor 0%

How did you find the attitude of the two performers?

Excellent 85%  Very Good 15% Average 0% Poor 0%

How did your clients rate the performance?

Excellent 70%  Very Good 30% Average 0% Poor 0%

How did your staff rate the performance?

Excellent 60%  Very Good 40% Average 0% Poor 0%

How would you rate Moonlight Theatre Company in respect of value for money?

Excellent 40%  Very Good 55% Average 5% Poor 0%

Would you book Moonlight Theatre Company again?

Yes 95%   Possibly 5%  No 0%

Would you recommend Moonlight Theatre Company to other venues?

Yes 100%   Possibly 0%  No 0%