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"Victoria Sponge is always such a treat! She's performed frequently at the Dial Up and she never fails to fill the room with a sense of energy and fun. Her song choices are firm Dial Up family favourites and are always delivered with the humour and charm that Karen has managed to make such an integral part of her loveable character creation. At the Dial Up we're always keen for another slice of Victoria Sponge!"

From Alexander Williams, creator of The Dial Up Open Mic Sessions: http://thedialup.blogspot.co.uk/

Karen never fails to wow visitors to Watford Museum. With her unique creations 'Victoria Sponge' and 'Cherry Bakewell' she was brought singing, dancing, smiles and laughter. Museums can be challenging spaces to work and perform in - Karen is a true professional taking everything in her stride and turning any challenge into a possibility. She works very collaboratively and intuitively so every performance is tailor-made and matchless in popularity.

As well as being a beautiful singer and actor, Karen has a genuine warm and understanding of audiences of all ages. She's able to bring a smile to the face of a shy child and the next minute bring a twinkle to the eye of an older visitor. Her interplay encourages enjoyment and interaction and we've been asked to invite her back time and time again.


We've been proud to recommend Karen to other local venues and community projects, and the feedback has always been very positive. If you would like to contact me for more feedback please do not hesitate!

Sarah Priestley

Museum & Heritage Manager

Watford Museum


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